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Yearlings breaking


To optimize the breaking of your yearling, Haras du Bois d'Argile's team was reinforced by Matthew. We implement, on a month, two axes simultaneously.

Physical preparation, including:
- Daily outings in secure paddocks,
- Sessions therapy : controlled, secure in 1.3 m of water walk,
- Working sessions in a walker on soft ground.

Education of yearling lead to trust in man and respect of the orders of the rider.
The breaking method is inspired by the " Blondeau " method. A technique that gives very good results even with temperamental or emotional horses. First ridded in boxing, the yearling is then ridded in a secure circus, then under the covered arena where a track of 120 m long and a workspace of 200 m2 have been built, and finally on the sandy track of 200 m long. The young horse is accompanied by a leader.

Dissociate physical activity from education part, prevents the foal to associate muscle pain with weight of the rider.

The spa is a great asset for a gentle breaking. In addition to physical activity, it can quickly relax foals anxious by nature, and facilitates their adaptation to environmental changes. This is also a great proof of franchise for the colt.

We have in our stud 48 ha of permanent grassland certified organic by Ecocert, one of which is arranged in long parallel individual corridors. They Allow yearlings to develop muscle and heart capacity, through fun with their congeners and in full safe conditions!

Monthly breaking fee is 800 € excluding VAT

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2013: Mesnil des Aigles : Cirrus des Aigles 's Brother (6 millions dollars) !!


Father : NEVERNEYEV (US) Purebred
Mother : TAILLE DE GUEPE  Purebred
Mother's father: : SEPTIEME CIEL (US) Purebred


Equipment :

A secure examination device

We have a gynecological space and a foal stall so that your vet can administer a gynecological examination to your stud mares.

Barre gynéco avec piège à poulain

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