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The stud farm's treatment center

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Bois d'Argile Stud Farm takes in top level horses, administering treatment to restore them to an optimal physical condition, as fast as possible.

Our dedicated professionals have your horse's well-being at heart.


  • Balneotherapy

Balneotherapy is recommended :

  • For recurring tendonitis, to strengthen both muscles and tendons. The temperature of the walker is relatively low; this helps the tissues to contract, which, in turn, reduces inflammation and relaxes both joints and tendons. In this way, the tendon is kept active during the healing process, ready for the subsequent retraining phase.
  • To increase the horse's cardio. This promotes muscular and cardio-vascular exertion without affecting the weak area. To strengthen the stomach's little-used muscles. Presence of water in the stomach causes the animal to contract its abdominal muscles, thereby increasing tonus in its back muscles.
  • To give your horse(s) a psychological boost before a period of intensive competition. Water-walking is fun for the horse but also provides a natural massage. We also provide massages in the solarium.

With our rectangular, ground-standing walker (60 ft by 30 ft), fitted with a Kraft security mechanism, the horse practices straight-line walking to improve body balance.
The water depth, and the duration and frequency of the balneotherapy sessions are customized for each individual case.
For greater hygiene, the horses' limbs are showered down before being put in the walker and the pool water is renewed every week (thank to our well, 20 meters deep !), after the walls have been disinfected.
Our water horsewalker provides the pros of water work without the cons of swimming-pools, as, in the latter medium, horses tend to arch their backs because they are not very well adapted to swimming.

  • Proprioceptive training track

The proprioceptive track is used to work actively on the bodily information system: all the proprioceptive sensors in the ligaments, tendons, muscles and joints send information to the brain's locomotion centers which, in turn, inform the muscles as to how to correctly position the body.

The proprioceptive track is used in post-traumatic physiotherapy. To combat pain, the horse adopts compensates with its muscles in order to move around. Even after it is fully cured, it maintains this pain image and understanding of it. By getting the animal to walk and carry out monitored exercises on the variable floor surfaces of the proprioceptive track, it is able to rebuild its locomotive confidence. Joint and muscular loosening and stretching exercises are also used.

This machine is also useful for unshoed young horses, to help regulate their posture balance and reduce the risk of them contracting tendonitis later on.

It includes various different types of surface (sand, gravel, clay, etc.) to help restore posture balance using the body's natural position detectors and various plantar sensations.

  • Infrared heat lamps

Our 10,200-watt Schirocco 5 solarium can provide fast drying thanks to its two hot air blowing ramps or three halogen ramps. Our staff members give back massages using essential oils under the heat of the lamps.

  • Regular weight monitoring

We have installed stainless steel Hippocenter horse scales with an LCD screen for easy weight reading. This is used to help monitor your horse's health, based on the ideal weight to be maintained or recovered. This is followed by a gain in muscular weight, enhanced by the balneotherapy sessions.

  • The laboratory

This is located in the treatment center (alongside the shower and gynecological section and the infrared lamps and weighing station). This is where we manage all treatment underway and store samples and veterinary products.

  • Tendonitis Treatment

We have developed a new protocol in 5 months for Tendonitis treatment using all the equipments we have on the stud. A Blister patented by the stud, walker with one meter water with a hard soil, walker with a soft soil, choc waves equipement, as well as the vet control with three scans. The first horse treated by this protocol has won a second place in Enghien this year.

Download the "TENDI-STOP Protocol"

  • Respiratory tract bleeding treatment

We have a protocol in 15 days that help to stop the blood leakage from the lung. All the horses treated with this protocol have pass through races, whithout any blood leakage after races.

  • Roomy stalls
We have spacious stalls for convalescent horses. We also take them out regularly, for a few hours at a time, to the sandy paddock (15 ft x 30 ft) adjacent to the stalls. Morale is a major factor in swift recovery and this is nurtured by taking the animals out to small, secured individual paddocks with prime quality grass. As soon as possible, we phase in more sustained muscular activity by getting the horses to walk in water. We have observed about a 20% decrease in the duration of convalescence stays.

The stalls’ dimensions are 15 feet wide and 10.5 feet deep. Some of them have a 120 sq. ft. adjoining sandy paddock. All the stall walls are collapsible or pivotable, to make cleaning that much easier, and to help our staff care for our equine guests more efficiently. The collapsible separating

walls have bars on the upper part to allow the horses to see each other. This keeps the stress factor down to a minimum as the animals feel mutually secure, as they would in a natural environment.
  • Secured paddocks
Here at Bois d'Argile Stud Farm, with its 118 acres of paddock space, we have established an innovative technical system providing exercise, treatment and convalescence for your top competition horses (gallop and trotting races, showjumping and endurance). This space has been organized into a series of secured paddocks with electric white strips. The horses are taken here everyday, to relax. Meadow security is particularly monitored, with a four-wire system.
  • Arena
We have installed a 60 foot wide secured arena to allow the most dynamic individuals to relax and, if necessary, learn how to adhere to the electric strip system around the relaxation paddocks.

A team of experts:

The manager of our horse center is recognized in the profession for his skills in horse limb and back therapy. Our team is devoted to ensuring that the horses that stay at the farm accomplish longlasting recovery. We work with vets specializing in equine locomotion to help us analyze pathological developments using protocols implemented by each horse's regular vet and/or trainer.

  • Daniel Colé : technical manager of the center and former jockey, former trainer and manager of fitness farms for horses.
  • Staff members: Daniel manages a team of 5 staff members and shift apprentices, who are regularly helped by trainees.

Our prices do not include taxes:

Basic lodging: 18 € per day. This includes a stall, hay meals and Reverdy brand food supplements, as well as the administering of treatment.

Veterinary products and outside services (vet, horse dentist, farrier, osteopath, etc.) are billed separately. A balneotherapy session is invoiced 23 €; we advise 5 sessions per week. Soft soil walker at 10 € each session.
A unit massage session with essential oils under infrared lamps is billed 12 €.

Premium at 1000 € per month.

Tendi-stop at 1250 € per month, for tendonitis treatment within 5 months before back to the treaning.

Wood pieces instead of hawk with an additional fee of 3€ per day or 90 € per month.

Horse breaking at 800 € without VAT per month.

Horse transportation:

We will use our new two-seater Théault vehicle to safely transport your horse from your stable to our stud farm. This service is billed based on distance.

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