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Engineering horses complex



Engineering for Horses complex:

  • For Stud Farm

  • For Equestrian

  • For Horses Clinic

  • For Racetrack

    For Hotel


Through engineering contract that covers the following tasks:

  • General study,

  • Detail study,

  • Control of structural design,

  • Supply of key equipment,

  • Supervision on site,

  • Training of the staff.

  1. General Study

The target of General Study is to fix the main guide lines of the Project:

  • General implantation of all facilities on Site,

  • General schedule, taken into account technical constraints for Contractor and potential other companies that will be involved in the implementation of the Project, financial possibilities, political wishes of the Client, should , the general design present the order in which the different buildings and main equipment shall be erected,

  • For each building and main equipment, shape, style, aim and main dimensions (surface, height, mains rooms and its use, number of people accepted per space),

  • Definition of each utilities (energy, drinking and waste water, irrigation system, air conditioning system, waste treatment),

  • Definition of each services for horses (number and size of boxes and stalls, type of food, using of hawk or sand as ground, training equipment such as walker, …).

The General Study should be carried out by the Contractor with often exchange through mails and meetings with the Client.

Once accepted by the Client, the information of the General Study fixes definitively the Project.

The information produce by the Contractor for the General Study are the followings:

  • General situation drawing,

  • General plan drawing,

  • For each building:

    • Plan drawing of each level,

    • Section drawing,

    • Main material to be used (concrete, iron, wood, glass, …),

    • Each space and room with it foreseen use.

  • Utilities: Energy, for example, power supplied by normal electrical network, by generator, by solar cells.

  1. Detail study

As soon as the General Study of phase one have been finished and paid to the Contractor, then the Contractor shall start to implement the Detail Study.

The aim of the Detail Study is the followings:

  • To define of the technical data of each facilities, building and equipment of the Project,

  • To allow the Client to launch call to tenders for the part not covers by Contractor’s Scoop.

The information covers by the Detail study provided by the Contractor are call to tender documents for:

  • Civil work and erection of Equipment of the Contract,

  • Roads and utilities,

  • Pumping station, …

  1. Control of structural design done by call to tender’s winners

The Call to Tender documents will be used by the Client to organize call to tender for each part of the Project not covered by the Contractor’s Scoop of work.

Each winner of call to tender shall study the project and provide structural design (technical calculation and executive drawings) to the Client. This technical document shall be transferred to the Client before any work on Site. The Contractor has to check every structural design issued by the call to tender’s winners, to ensure that the work will be done according to the General and Detail Studies approved by the Client.

Call to tender’s winners cannot start working on Site, as long as their structural designs have not been approved by the Contractor. This control of structural design phase shall be performed in 2 months.

  1. Key equipment supply

The Contract shall define in the Scoop, key equipment that the Contractor will supply. We provide only equipment from first class suppliers in order to ensure a correct run of the project.

  1. Contractor’s Site Manager

In the Contract, the cost of a Contract manager on Site is foreseen.

The target is:

  • To advise the Client during the execution of the work, so that the quality and the schedule of all companies involved in the project is respected.

  • To supervise the erection of the key equipment supplied by the Contractor.

  1. Training of the Staff

The training of the staff shall be done:

  • For some people in France, for example in Horses Clinic or in Racetrack. Air tickets, hotel, food and local transportation are included in the Contract.

  • By the Contractor’s Site Manager on Site for the middle management of the team.


Racetrack France

Dieppe track of 2,200 m


Maintenance of the track quality

Compiègne track of 2,400 m

Durtal track of 2,000 m

Bacqueville track of 1,200 m


Maintenance of the track quality,

Installation of the whole protection

Chantilly track of 1,600 m


Installation of the whole track protection,

Argentan track of 1,400 m Sand

Installation of the irrigation system

Amiens track of 1,400 m


Luneray track of 1,200 m


Maisons-Laffitte track of 2,400 m

Bordeau-Le Bouscat track of 2,000 m

Lisieux track of 1,600 m


Controlled irrigation system,

Installation of the whole track protection,

Qatar: Private stud Installation of the whole track protection

Jockey School

Chantilly, AFASEC (main jockey school in France: 500 students)

Adaptation of the reception of the school

Songeons MFR (breeding and horse care: 200 students)

Saint Sulpice MFR (breeding and horse care: 175 students)

Member of the supervisory board of the School

Horses Clinic

France: Stud Farm Haras du Bois d’Argile

            • 70 modern boxes,

            • Horses water walker with 1,2 meter water depth,

            • Soft soil Horse walker of 21 meter diameter,

            • Development of new protocol to treat Tendonitis in only 5 months

Stud Farm Nanteuil Jumping

Structure of 1,400 m2

Stud Farm Crenihuel barns of 40 boxes

Training track of 3,000 m

National Stud Bacqueville

8 boxes for stallions and

25 boxes for mares, echography

Laboratory for insemination

Italy Pise Scuderia Botti

Horses walker with 1,3 m depth water


Paris: Hotel Chamonix, 3 stars

Redecoration of room and


Fire security system

Housing of disable people

Breakfast restaurant

Hotel Le Helder, 3 stars

Rebuild of a 6 levels hotel, with
breakfast restaurant,

Installation of air conditioning system,
cooling and heating

Hotel Eiffel Kennedy 3 stars

Tour d’Aubvergne 3 stars

Hotel de Sévigné 3 stars

Le Chaplain Hotel 3 stars

Installation of air conditioning system, cooling and heating


Maison Troisgros in Roanne,

3 stars Michelin rate,

Château de Beaulieu, in Busnes (62)

La Marine in Noirmoutier (85)

Alexandre in Nimes (30)

Installation of new professional kitchen

Seminar complex

Haras du Bois d’Argile, transformation of an old barn into a seminar complex with two places of 400 m2 and 900m2.


Balance Sheet Assets 2010: 2,327,244 €

2011: 2,842,195 €

2012: 2,807,422 €

Haras du Bois d’Argile

60390 Berneuil en Bray

Tel : 00 33 6 77 03 47 45 – Fax : 00 33 3 44 03 10 87

RCS Beauvais 500 572 524

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